Ekohe's global HQ Shanghai is where we jumpstarted our journey in 2007—
and where we strive for the future today.

Our Headquarter

Shanghai houses our largest and most well-equipped team —
serving up global business impact from the heart of the art-deco,
cuisine-rich Jing'an neighbourhood.
The financial and economic heart of China evokes energy, ambition, and purpose.

At Ekohe we are always on the hunt for passionate, creative multi-disciplinarians to join us.
Looking to solve the most interesting challenges while focusing on impact?
To develop multiple skills within a supportive, results-driven culture?

We enjoy the best of both worlds: a small, dynamic team operating in a startup atmosphere —
working with well established global clients and forward-thinking entrepreneurs,
solving for new challenges every day.
Are you ready?


In Shanghai, it's currently on .

Jing'an China Tower Fortune Gate
1701 West Beijing Road, Suite 3010
Shanghai, China 200040

上海市静安区北京西路1701号 静安中华大厦3010室


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