Scaling up the startup despite the pandemic? Ekohe brings exponential growth to on-demand meeting space innovator.


WhiteSpace saw potential growth blocked by the inefficiency of manually managing data from orders, clients, and partners.


Ekohe designed and built a customized online platform that streamlines the teamʼs workflow and deftly manages resources among various stakeholders.


WhiteSpace expanded its market share in China during Covid-19, bringing new roadmap partnerships into the fold.

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A pioneer in providing an enterprise solution to the problem of never having enough meeting space, WhiteSpace foresaw its future growth prohibited by the inefficiency of manually managing critical business and booking data through spreadsheets. Misaligned information inevitably led to over-bookings or unnecessary office vacancies. To a rapidly growing startup, this meant more than lost profits -- jeopardizing both its current and future customer experience in a truly unaffordable manner.

WhiteSpace found the best partner to solve for its needs in Ekohe. Recognizing fierce competition and constant change in the co-working sector, we rapidly designed and delivered an MVP using our Wulin Master Data Platform, allowing the firm's teams to manage rooms, locations, and users through a centralized tool, complete with visual dashboards and calendars to display and manage real-time occupancy through customizable filters. We enabled WhiteSpace to generate customer-centric wins by attending to more personalized requests from clients, providing specific layout and equipment solutions for different use cases.


Released from mundane day-to-day tasks, WhiteSpace leveraged its custom, scalable tool to take full advantage of a wider range of locations and partner resources.

With Ekohe's help, WhiteSpace has eliminated the roadblocks to its future growth, moving rapidly from cumbersome spreadsheets to an intuitive, innovative, and growth-ready booking system. The result? Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, WhiteSpace has been able to scale up its operations in the Chinese market, while simultaneously developing global partnerships for its future expansion.


From spreadsheets to an intuitive, centralized data platform, WhiteSpace leveraged digital transformation to gain a strong industry foothold, and expand into global markets.

“Ekohe has done an excellent job identifying and resolving pain points, especially within our internal operations.”

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