Zoe Xiao

Web Developer

Zoe stepped out of her law degree and started pursuing front-end development after she got hooked trying a class in MOOC back in 2014. Today, she codes effortlessly in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, and spends the majority of her time integrating front-end code with Rails framework to implement intuitive user interfaces. At Ekohe, Zoe is a quick learner who constantly pushes her limits. She greatly enjoys collaborating with the team side-by-side and asking tons of questions. She has no problem experimenting with innovative solutions throughout rounds of design reviews. Zoe is a natural inventor and possesses an intrinsic passion to create. When she cannot sleep, she goes on Arduino, a prototyping platform to create interactive electronic objects. Music is also an essential part of her life. In her spare time, she plays guitar and drums. She appreciates Britpop music very much and dreams of assembling her own band by the age of 30.

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