Yohann Beteta

Senior Project Manager

Yohann is the resourceful problem solver for both his clients and internal team as the man who can get stuff done. Having a management degree and experience in a communication startup agency, he likes to organize, prioritize, and carefully plan to track available time, budget, and resources in projects. His calm yet confident demeanor enables his team to meet deadlines and achieve set goals. Prior to joining Ekohe, Yohann acted as the project marketing manager in a communication agency specializing in web and print design, development, and strategic planning. Yohann comes from Aix-en-Provence, a region of southern France. When he's not working with the team at the Ekohe office, you can most likely find him out exploring the city on the scooter with his camera, looking for the best-in-town fried noodles, or paying a “guilt visit” to the gym after the noodles. More often than not, he also shares the same enthusiasm with “Ayis” in the stand during Shanghai Sharks Basketball games.

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