Victor Leong

Web Developer

Victor is from Singapore, a small but populous island country that has a pretty boring climate; it is humid and summer all year round. Because of that, he has always been greatly intrigued by the 4 seasons that many other countries enjoy and always wanted to explore the world. He probably grew interested in nature too due to the scarcity of it in Singapore. He didn't grow up watching Disney, but Japanese manga and anime, and is a fan of One Piece, which glorifies the spirit of adventure. All these factors prompted him to take up a world tour in 2018, and he was supposed to conquer Europe in 2020 if not for covid. He has a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering but has switched over to the IT industry ever since graduation. He is not a fan of solving complex problems, but he derives joy in making problems easier to solve. He generally likes exploration, whether it is traveling, technology, languages, or experiences. He is keen to delve deeper into various areas of IT like AI, cybersecurity, and DevOps, as well as interact with the different cultures in the international working environment in Ekohe.

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