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We’ve sharpened our craft over time to develop a process that works best for us and our clients.

You may have noticed, the pace of digital is fast. By using Agile Methodology, we can respond to this change quickly: prioritize, iterate, test, deliver, repeat. We realize that it is normal for requirements to change throughout a project; we do not just allow this—we actively encourage it.

Meet deadlines, exceed expectations

Develop, test, and iterate: adapting to change has never been so easy


We begin with a deep analysis of your market, identifying true product uniqueness and building solutions that not only maximize your chances for receiving funding but to disrupt your industry. This approach has worked time and time again to produce successful, market-ready products that users adore.

Process  Plan

Great design should look good and act smart. We work together to create applications that are clean, useful, and beautiful. To help validate ideas early, we create rapid prototypes, whether that be a sketch on a napkin, a wireframe, or an interactive high-fidelity prototype using the latest tools available in the market. This minimizes the things we hate: risk, cost, and time to market. Ideas are only ever as good as their execution. Let’s collaborate and tell a compelling story. Together.

Design Process

Our engineering team works closely with the design team to make sure no creativity is lost along the journey. Our code is clean, functional and above all, useful. We’re proud to be the pioneer of Ruby on Rails development in China. We never use ready-made solutions. We build applications from scratch, tailoring them to the needs of your business and take user feedback into account. This means you never get a cheap imitation of what you want—you get exactly what you’re trying to achieve. There is no compromise and this is part of what makes Ekohe truly unique.

Develop Process
Support & Repeat

No product is ever 'finished.' By iterating quickly, we are able to validate our idea against user behavior and build the product up step by step. This minimizes risk, cost, and time to market. To help with this, we offer a range of support and maintenance solutions to fit your particular needs. This way, we are able to address issues right away and ensure your products run at optimal performance. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the product is successful, including providing on-site support.

Support process


While we delight in experimenting with the latest technologies, more often than not you’ll find us working with Ruby on Rails, Swift (iOS), Java (Android), HTML5, and CSS3 to find elegant solutions to complex problems. We’re experts in server infrastructure, database development, cloud architecture, and speed optimization, taking into account business, budget, and legal constraints. This is true especially within China, but also across Asia and the rest of the world.

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Whether you have just a concept or business plan ready to execute, we can offer our services to help bring your idea to life.

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