A Music Streaming Platform Designed Specially for Electronic Dance Music in China

PYRO Music approached Ekohe with the idea to create a platform aiming to change the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) cultural outlook in China. With the requisite technical and creative capabilities, along with a polished and mature product management approach, Ekohe handled PYRO Music's strategy, UX design, and web and mobile development, launching its music sharing platform—all within deadline.

PYRO Music is an online music streaming and download platform custom built for the Chinese market, allowing users to listen and distribute electronic music.

The platform is already housing over 150,000 tracks on the system and counting.

Key Features

  1. As a DJ, download, stream, upload, and share your music to your fans and followers.
  2. As a follower, find and listen to the best electronic dance music from all around the world.
  3. Upload, download and share music, remix, mixtape or mashup and edit
  4. Create/edit playlists
  5. Add/view comments
  6. Like tracks and follow artists
  7. Persistent music player
  8. WeChat integration
  9. Activity feed
  10. Comprehensive search
  11. Trending tracks/DJs/record labels
  12. Complex tagging relationships between types of data
  13. Personalised URL
  14. Waveform integration
  15. Notifications panel
  16. Bespoke API for iOS and Android apps
  17. Integration with music aggregators to import hundreds of thousands of tracks
  18. Push Notifications


  1. Product Definition
  2. UX Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Server Infrastructure
  5. Android and iOS Development


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