A Social Platform to Stay Connected with Those You Care About the Most

Kidizz approached Ekohe with the idea to create a platform for parents with children attending nurseries or kindergarten. It connects families and childcare professionals who work daily with their children.

Parents can find various content posted by childcare professionals: anecdotes, menus, appointments for the year, photographs of their child, and even educational information that will help them better understand the world of nursery and early childhood.

Sponsored by Babilou, the largest kindergarten group in France, Kidizz provides parents, educators, and school directors with a centralized and secure platform to communicate in one place.

Dedicated and customized for each nursery and child, Kidizz is intended to complement and facilitate the relation between the family and the nursery.

Key Features

  1. Access the news thread
  2. Send messages to the nursery’s professionals through special messaging
  3. Find photo albums of their child(ren)
  4. Access the nursery’s schedule to find the highlights
  5. Download documents: operation settings, educational project, rhymes, menus ...
  6. Find contents about the world of early childhood in a dedicated section


  1. Product Definition
  2. User Experience Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Server Infrastructure
  5. On-site Support
  6. Android and iOS Development


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