Crowdfunding Safe Births for Women in Developing Countries

Kangu is a crowd-funding platform that allows women around the world to deliver in clean facilities with skilled professionals at their side. The platform serves as a liaison between pregnant women in need of health services (“Kangu Mama”), local medical institutions (“Kangu Partner”), and donors to share information, such as a funding goal, funding progress, and updates after each delivery. With a vibrant online community, Kangu also provides a space for moms and their supporters to come together to learn, share, support, and celebrate with each other.

Kangu Partners, often on-the-ground hospitals or clinics, provide high-quality, patient-focused health services to under-served and high-risk patients who cannot afford safe birth services. Kangu Partners choose pregnant women to profile on Kangu using internal metrics to identify women living under the poverty line who lack the ability to pay for healthcare services.

Kangu Mamas currently come from India, Nepal, and Uganda. The Kangu networks are expanding to Mexico, Burundi, Bolivia, and Guatemala. As of September 2016, 942 safe births have already been funded.


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