Health Systems Hub

A web application linking global health actors to help building tomorrow’s health systems

Launched in 2014 at the World Health Summit in Berlin, The Health Systems Hub’s ambition is to intensify the dialogue between the private and public health sectors and its major organizations to shape tomorrow’s health system and increase the well-being of its global citizens.

The Health Systems Hub (“The Hub”) is a collaborative platform that has been designed and developed to support knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among global health practitioners, policymakers, researchers, and development partners interested in mixed (public and private) health systems.

Since then, the Hub has consistently released new features in order to provide on-going support to its growing community.

Key Features

  1. Register and manage user preferences
  2. Join groups
  3. Create new groups and manage content, users and media files
  4. Access to a list of local and global organizations and interact with their associated members
  5. Attend offline and online events
  6. Connect and interact with other users
  7. Comment on resources and share them on social media or via email
  8. Check activity feed
  9. Receive notifications


  1. Product Definition
  2. UX Design
  3. Visual Design
  4. Web Development
  5. Launch & Ongoing Support


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