Arcane Network

The largest DJ Network on YouTube that enables artists to monetize their music related videos and grow their channels on Youtube and Dailymotion

Arcane Network is a boutique community of inspiring music creators, that slowly grew into becoming the largest DJ Network on YouTube. Currently licensing over 17.000 labels on Youtube and Dailymotion, Arcane enables artists and brands to host and monetize their music related videos, grow their channels and protect them from copyright violations. With a unique tailor-made technology platform, Arcane Network is dedicated to developing talent and maximizing artist's reach by building engaged audiences and making most of artist's content.

Key Features

  1. Track statistics (Views, Subscribers, Earnings and Watch Time) via Youtube and Dailymotion API
  2. Owners can track status of monthly payments
  3. View future projections of subscribers, views and watch time count
  4. Request to be verified on Youtube
  5. Upload / download exclusive tracks
  6. Get in touch with Arcane Network team through an internal ticketing system


  1. Product Definition
  2. UX Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Server Infrastructure
  5. On-site Support
  6. iOS & Android Development


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