An App with the Mission to Help You Survive and Thrive in Heavily Polluted China

Small-talk in China typically involves air pollution rather than weather.

On a daily basis, you can hear residents grumble about the poor air quality and see them sporting different styles of facial masks. Thomas Suharto, the creator of Airpocalypse, wanted to bring a more humanistic approach to AQI readings. Airpocalypse is a unique and sleek app that incorporates lifestyle icons for daily tips and activities with social sharing.

Ekohe partnered with Thomas Suharto to build an iOS app and provide API development services. The color app provides AQI readings and temperature for 26 Chinese cities. Airpocalypse provides users with a more fun and empathetic approach to check weather and air conditions.

Key Features

  1. AQI reading from the US Consulate
  2. Air description
  3. Weather forecast - current and next three day forecast
  4. Daily advice based on the weather, air, city, date, time, and a host of other factors
  5. Celsius & Fahrenheit measurements
  6. “Feels like” temperature
  7. App icon badge displaying AQI for your current city if you are too lazy to open the app
  8. Social network sharing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and Weibo
  9. A fancy new widget for the notifications center
  10. Photo sharing


  1. Product Definition
  2. UX Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Server Infrastructure


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