Data Scientist

Are you a data scientist developer who wants to gain real world experience on AI projects and learn new AI techniques ?


  1. The majority of your time will be spent coding, testing and creating documentation on AI, machine learning, and data mining projects
  2. Leading the development of small to medium scale projects, providing architecture planning and analysis
  3. Reviewing junior developers’ code before it is merged with the primary development branch
  4. Mentoring junior developers by providing advice and pair programming
  5. Collaborating with project managers to provide estimates for required features


  1. Bachelor or master’s degree in computer science / data mining
  2. 1-3 years of Python experience
  3. Experience using scikitlearn, numpy, pandas
  4. Knowledge in SQL Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  5. Ability to communicate effectively in English (spoken & written)
  6. Ability to work efficiently by yourself and collaboratively with a team of colleagues
  7. Proficiency in Mac hardware/software
  8. Willingness to learn
  9. Experience using Keras, Tensorflow
  10. Experience using Apache Spark
  11. Knowledge in MongoDB database
  12. Web development experience, particularly in Ruby on Rails
  13. Mobile and responsive website experience
  14. Server administration
  15. Experience leading a small to medium size team of engineers


  1. Be part of an innovative, diverse, and dynamic team
  2. Work with top-tier brands, agencies, and startups to make iOS, Android, Windows, and Web products
  3. Lunch allowances
  4. Health benefits: dental, medical, and vision
  5. Learning and networking allowances
  6. Competitive annual reward based on individual capability
  7. Parental leave top-ups
  8. Awesome company parties

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履歴書(和文・英文)を直接こちらのフォームからご応募いただくか、 までメールをご送付ください。

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