Ekohe wish you a happy 2023

Here's to a year of great partnerships and technology breakthroughs!

Text-to-image generation is a powerful form of AI that captured the public's imagination in 2022. With Open AI's Dall-E, Google's Imagen, and other open platforms, we can now create imagery based on a given sentence (or words!).

Highlight the text below... to see what AI generates!

Happy holidays from a French rooster in front of snowing Eiffel tower, a Chinese panda setting fireworks against the Shanghai skyline, a Japanese Sakura eating sushi in famous Tokyo tower, a beaver drinking maple syrup on the snowy coast line of Vancouver, and at last the all mighty eagle singing in Christmas decorated time square.
French roosterFrench roosterFrench roosterFrench roosterFrench roosterFrench rooster

We witnessed the significant impact of emerging technologies, ground-breaking innovations, and foundational business changes in 2022

From text-to-image generation to the revolutionary ChatGPT; from FTX's spectacular collapse
to the continued debate around the metaverse and the progression of Web 3.0; …
it has been quite a year for technology.

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