Eloise Dessertenne

Project Manager

Originally from France, Eloise has studied in England, Spain, and France. Having a passion for digital and social technology, she started her career working for BASF in the marketing department. Her hunt for bigger challenges coupled with her new found interest in digital technology led her to join a 3D startup developing apps using augmented reality. After a great year, she made a decision to fulfill her dream of living in China. She moved to Shanghai, explored the country, and registered at university to improve her Mandarin. Once she graduated from Jiaotong University, Eloise started her career in China as a digital project manager, leading the digital team at the Good Agency Asia. After several successful years, she decided to go back to a former field of interest: application development, when she joined Ekohe as a project manager. Eloise is crazy about chocolate and loves to discover and experience new things.

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