A holistic digital platform designed to capture user data and provide a 100% tailored fitness solution.

Former Champion cyclist, Erwann Menthéour, collaborated with Ekohe to create a platform for users to follow the Fitnext training method via their mobile devices. The method focuses on tracking and providing personalized training regimes based on food, health, and equipment available.

The unique and complex algorithm promises a program tailored to the user's changing needs, desires and availability. After Fitnext website became successful commercially, the company started to think mobile.

In addition to adapting the existing features to mobile platforms, Ekohe also provided consultancy, new brand identity development, messaging system, connection to activity trackers and detailed marketing analytics.


  1. User fills in a comprehensive diagnosis
  2. Engine uses rules, constants and user objective/diagnosis/profile information to generate personalized sport and food program
  3. Online payment via Hipay including complex couponing system
  4. Online messaging between users and coach
  5. Access to comprehensive dashboards
  6. Push notifications
  7. Fitness trackers connection
  8. Coaches can manage user preferences
  9. Google Analytics with set goals, analysis and reporting
  10. Bespoke API for iOS and Android apps
  11. Support to Marketing campaigns (AB Testing, games, packs, etc.)


  1. Product Definition
  2. Analytics Definition
  3. UX Design
  4. Visual Design
  5. Web Development
  6. Server Infrastructure
  7. Android and iOS Development
  8. Launch & Ongoing Support