Elva Du

Business Development Consultant

Elva graduated from college and came to Shanghai in 2006. Her first job was a Mandarin tutor as she was unaware of her preferences working in a huge city that offers numerous opportunities for talented individuals. After four-years, starting from phone sales, she was promoted to Sales Manager with the responsibility to visit potential clients. She received great satisfaction from using her excellent communication skills to provide value-added solutions and achieved win-win results. She is very proud of this accomplishment, especially in such a very competitive industry.

In her leisure time, Elva enjoys oriental dance. Dancing is an outlet for which she can relax and release the pressure from work. Additionally, it is great fun and she can benefit from this wonderful exercise, which helps her to keep active and fit. Dancing balances her other hobby, which is eating many different kinds of food. So, she can maintain good health and stay slim while eating whatever she likes. Thus, dance is truly win-win in her free time.

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